Devario Spiral Ovens

Continuous spiral ovens

small footprint - large capacity

Devario specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial spiral ovens for food manufacturers, we have unparalleled knowledge of high-temperature spiral ovens and our engineers have decades of experience developing food manufacturing machinery used worldwide. Devario spiral ovens are designed for maximum efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Spiral Ovens use a helical belt to provide up to 300% more product throughput than a linear oven with the same footprint.

Devario ovens feature double-skinned fully welded and insulated enclosures with adjustable entry & exit apertures to minimise heat losses.  Temperature, airflow and humidity are fully adjustable and finely controlled to achieve high-quality consistent results.

All ovens feature a simple & intuitive touch-screen user interface, recipe storage and support for English, French, Spanish & German languages.

A clean-in-place (CIP) systems in integrated into the oven to allow cleaning with minimal user intervention. In addition a belt-washer is provided which can be used continuously to maintain the belt condition throughout the production shift.

Options include electric or gas heating, steam cooking or a combination. Humidity control using an external steam supply or our integrated electric steam generator is also available. Conveyor belt options include industry standard rod/mesh belts and our own range.

Special conveyor belts are available to suit specific products including the unique Devario ‘solid’ spiral belt

Devario solid spiral conveyor beltand our raised edge belt designed to retain trays or other products that are likely to move.

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