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Maximise flavour, quality & value

The Sondhii Flare Flame Grill adds colour and flavour to products before or after oven cooking. When combined with one of our Helix Spiral Ovens the Flare Flame Grill can increase volume, yield and flavour compared to other processes.

Flare flame grills feature multiple gas ribbon burners above and below a wire belt conveyor for high-velocity direct flame impingement. A floating flame-heated bar marker / brander is able to mark regular or irregular products for a more natural grilled appearance.

A continuously flowing water pan below the product carries grease away to the belt washer where the grease and solid debris are separated, the water is then filtered and recirculated to minimise water consumption.

The machine is self-contained with integrated touch-screen controls, bifurcated belt-drive variable rate extraction unit and belt washer. Large access doors are provided for cleaning and maintenance.

The machine shown is a 400mm wide, 12-burner, 200kW unit. Available options include extended entry/exit conveyors and CIP system.



Our machines can be manufactured in various sizes to suit a range of products and capacities with many options available to optimise the process to perfectly suit your products.

Contact us with your requirements and one of our engineers will be happy to work with you to find the best solution.

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