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Small footprint large capacity

Sondhii engineers have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Spiral Ovens for the food industry, often selected for their outstanding capacity and efficiency. The helical belt path results in a capacity up to 300% higher than a linear continuous oven with the same footprint, while the compact dimensions also contribute towards increased energy efficiency.

A wide belt speed range is available on all machines, supporting residence times from minutes to hours. Helix Spiral Ovens are available in capacities from 100 to more than 1000kg/hr (depending on product and cook time) with conveyor belt widths from 200mm upwards, we can provide single or dual drum versions with gas or electric heating combined with steam for humidity control to maximise yield and reduce cooking times for many products.



Customised to suit your application

A range of conveyor belts is available, including our own special purpose belts which can be customised to suit delicate products.

Touchscreen controls allow operators to store parameters (recipes) for each product ensuring a consistent cook from one shift to the next.

CIP is standard and includes a continuous belt-washer with easily removable brushes at the infeed. The belt washer filters and recirculates water to minimise consumption.

Options include:

  • electric heating

  • gas heating

  • steam / combination cooking

  • grease separation from waste water

  • integrated steam generator

  • fire supression system

  • double-skinned & insulated stainless steel access doors

  • double-skinned heat resistant glass viewing doors




Compact continuous ovens

Our single drum spirals are designed to provide maximum capacity in a limited footprint at minimum cost. With a low entry and high exit they are ideally suited for transfers into descending chillers or freezers.

The machines incorpoate electric or gas heating with a dynamic modulating airflow to increase turbulence and aid heat transfer at all levels of the oven for a more uniform cook.

Maintenance is straightforward with easily accessible drive equipment and electric heater modules that can be exchanged from outside the machine.

Contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to calculate the oven size that best suits your application.



High capacity compact continuous ovens

Our dual drum spirals are designed to provide the ultimate throughput, with available belt widths from 200 to 400mm and belt lenghts from 20 to 80m there's a size & capacity to suit every application.

Within our dual drum oven the product ascends in the first half of the machine and descends in the second half, while heated air flows from the ends of the oven to the centre, this together with precise temperature control gives a  consistent thermal profile ensuring a uniform product.

Direct gas fired or electric heating can be specified in addition to humidity control using steam supplied from an external source or our integrated electric steam generator. Manually activated or automatic fire supression systems are also available.

Contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to calculate the oven size that best suits your application.



Our machines can be manufactured in various sizes to suit a range of products and capacities with many options available to optimise the process to perfectly suit your products.

Contact us with your requirements and one of our engineers will be happy to work with you to find the best solution.

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